A Short Aside – Some Python Minecraft Stuff

The blog has been on holiday for many weeks now, following my own holiday. I am looking to get back into it over the next little while. In the meantime I have done some Google searches for Minecraft related programs written in Python that might be of interest/use.  I have not run any of them myself though, so reviews welcome.
Minecraft Screenshot Viewer in wxPython by Davy Mitchell. This viewer is written using wxPython, which is a Tkinter substitute.  You may need to install wxPython separately for it to work.  The code itself is here.

A variety of Minecraft scripts for editing save files. The site’s maintainer, Paul Spooner has asked for feedback on the scripts (see comments below) so get in contact if you have any.

MCSuperServer, which will automatically start your server for you when someone tries to connect.

Handle a front end for bukkit it allows you to easily automate mundane tasks associated with running a server.

Homework: Open at least one of these in a text editor/online and try to understand how the code works/does what it does.

5 Responses to A Short Aside – Some Python Minecraft Stuff

  1. Dirk says:


    I just released this: https://github.com/dirkk0/MGSL
    ( http://web3dblog.wordpress.com/2012/12/11/minecraft-game-server-launcher-released/ )

    The links you gave here helped me a lot.

    Thank you,

  2. Anonymous says:

    woah these are cool :3

  3. Paul Spooner says:

    Hey there! I’m the webmaster of Peripheralarbor.com and author of those python scripts. Still getting a trickle of traffic through this post. Thanks!
    Any feedback? I’ve tried to comment the map altering scripts fairly well, but understanding someone else’s code is always difficult. Let me know if there’s improvements to be made!

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