Release of Space Fighto!

Captain     Oh. All right. (into the PA) Women, children and Red Indians…
Cut to another officer in astronaut’s kit.
Second Officer     And spacemen!

Summary: The game can be downloaded here.  The main project page is here.

A couple of years ago this blog had a hiatus for a few months.  In that time, I wrote a short lunar lander game using 2d vector graphics (see this screen shot for an example of what vector graphics used to look like).   Well, it never got finished, but it did serve as the inspiration of a space fighting game which I did finish – well, except for a title screen.  Over the following 18 months I put off adding a title screen (and some other stuff, but mostly a title screen) before finally releasing it in late January this year (2013).   The game is inspired by (but is not a clone of) an old arcade game called space wars.

Start Screen

Each of the ships flys around a central sun, which draws them in with its gravity.  Gravity also affects the bullets, which makes the game very unpredictable.

Game play shot – see the wreckage?

Each ship is made of a number of little lines.  When the ship is hit, the lines blow apart.  When I play the game with my son, we usually end up in hysterics.

To play the game you will need python 2.6/2.7 (obviously) and pygame installed.   The game doesn’t have any sound (oops! – I don’t tend to use speakers 😦   There are plenty of improvements that could be made (such as different geometry for the edges of the screen, a glancing blow feature where your ship is damaged by a glancing hit rather than destroyed, a hyperspace button, different terrain features etc.   Maybe these will be added in the future…

The game can be downloaded here.  The main project page is here.

My source code is licensed under GPL v 3 and is included in the tarball, so stick your head in and have a look at how the code is structured.

While the game is too complex for a direct explanation in this blog, I hope to make a few comments about games and programming in general in future tutorials, using it as an example.  In the meantime, have fun!

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  1. Next on the list is then AI then 😉

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