Python for Kids Book: Intro and Project 1

In these posts I outline the contents of each project in my book Python For Kids For Dummies.  If you have questions or comments about the project listed in the title post them here. Any improvements will also be listed here.

What’s in the Introduction

The introduction of the book sets out some information to help you understand how the book is written. It gives some examples of the different fonts used in the book to show code, how special terms are indicated (with italics), about the Python console. In particular, in the book some code samples occur with >>> in front of them. Where you see these you need to go to your own Python console and type into it the text which comes after the >>> . The introduction also explains some stuff about how long lines are treated and how to indent your code (important in Python).

What’s in Project 1

Project 1 of the book is not so much a project as some Python basics. In it I give you some context about what Python is and how it is used. You learn how to download and install Python, and how to start and stop the Python interpreter. You learn where to find Python documentation online and about PEPs! I also try my best to tell you to be an active learner – to do, rather than just read. Remember what Yoda said,  “do, or do not, there is no read” (or something like that). There’s no learning except by doing. Try to freestyle it if you can. The book is quite structured in what it tells you to do and what code to type and when, but please feel free to mix it up yourself. I really can’t emphasize enough how important it is to get in, try stuff out and make mistakes.

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