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This blog was originally just a dad writing some tutes for his son to learn Python who was happy to share. Since then I’ve written a book to supplement the site.

These tutorials assume you’ve got access to a python interpreter – see the Getting Started Tab.

Each of these tutorials is intended to last for 10-15 minutes.  They are not intended to give an exhaustive look at every (or any) particular aspect of Python.  Rather, the intention is to give you a working baseline from which you can go out and do your own work.  Always remember the Python documentation or Google if you have a question.

Thanks in retrospect to everyone who’s posted a useful comment which I haven’t otherwise acknowledged.  And in advance to everyone who will fit that category at some time in the future.

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10 Responses to About

  1. Ram Rachum says:

    Hey. Congrats on this site. Regarding teaching Python to kids, you can check out my own project, PythonTurtle:


    You may find it helpful.

  2. techtonik says:

    Yes, kids need pictures!

  3. David Friedman says:

    This site looks like just the thing! Thanks for putting it out there. I am having some trouble getting started with my son, though. We read your “Getting started” and “Hello World!” first, as suggested. Then it says to start with the earliest lessons in July 2010. The July 2010 link in the sidebar only takes you to one tutorial:


    which isn’t the first one. It mentions some earlier ones and even links to some, but nowhere can I find a link to the first tutorial or a general list of them.

    Any help pointing me in the right direction is appreciated.


  4. brendanscott says:

    Hi David

    Maybe this is a browser thing. When I click the July 2010 link the first tutorial (Hello World) is at the end of the page. Make sure you scroll right to the bottom and work from the bottom to the top.
    Tutorial 2 is here.

    As to a list – I’ve been thinking about that and may do one…



  5. David Friedman says:

    Got it! Just my silliness. Of course if it’s a blog the earliest posts would be at the bottom. I just didn’t realize that they were all on the same page and kept reading over the first one with out scrolling past it.

    Thanks for the help. We’re looking forward to it! Although we may need to take the remedial class….

  6. Peter says:

    It is incredibe this generation, I learn programming at the university, I know that my younger cousins learned at the last years of high school.. now my son wants to learn at 11 years.. I feel proud of him doing so, the poor guy checks on youtube how to do it and gets into forums.. so I want to help him to build up a bond with him.
    Hope he likes it.. he got this from minecraft.. so I guess that letting him to use teh computer for that many hours is not that bad..
    The only issue is that his social skills are going down.. I wonder how those kids would end up?

  7. stwobe says:

    Well, I have been reliably informed that if your child is happy doing it then you should not have to disturb him or stop him learning programming/playing Minecraft – I mean they have to have a life and a healthy all round upbringing – but don’t stop them just because you feel they SHOULD be doing something else instead – take them out in the sun when you feel they need to go out in the sun, not when you feel they need to stop “computering”.

    This advice was passed on from experts in ASD (autistic spectrum disorder) – feel free to interpret that how you want. In my experience a lot of programmers are some where on that spectrum – therefore this advice could be applicable.

  8. Jay says:

    Enjoying the site! Thanks for putting this up!

  9. DaniC says:

    Thanks a lot for putting the info in one place!! I have so much fun 🙂

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