This is a place for a cumulative list of other places you might want to look for help/inspiration/etc.

Python Online Documentation

The Python Foundation’s Online Python Tutorial

Some books you can try are:

My own:








Jason Brigg’s Python for Kids Book

Mark Pilgrim’s Dive Into Python 3 online book

Albert Sweigert’s Online PyGame Book

Other stuff that people have suggested and which look cool, but I haven’t had a chance to look at beyond the first page:

Python Turtle Implementation

On Screen Robots using Python

A Python Cheat Sheet

Books to buy which I have and which I found helpful are:

Programming Python by Mark Lutz

Learning Python by Mark Lutz

4 Responses to References

  1. Marko says:

    Think You should also include this free book from Swaroop:
    “A Byte of Python”.

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